Track the safety of your batch
Following each production, the finished products from the SportsControl® range are additionally screened by an independent lab for the presence of substances that appear on the WADA list (World Anti-Doping Agency).
The products may not be distributed in the market until they have been approved.

Every sportsman or sportswoman all over the world who has bought a product of the SportsControl® brand can not only rest assured that it is completely scientifically based but can also, at all times, ask for the analysis report of the product he or she owns.

Please fill in below the production code which you can find at the bottom of the packing (see example) and the report concerning the product you purchased will be displayed.

Important remark:
The SportsControl® products for oral consumption are not screened for the presence of e.g. Epo and Cera as these doping substances can only be absorbed into the body following intramuscular administration (i.e. injection).
Production code: